Name's great strength

Uzruna tiekoties ar Dalailamu viņa vizītes laikā Tallinā, 2011. gada augustā

Dear Friends of Tibet,
Your Holiness!

would like to stress the importance of your mission as a free spokesperson of the Tibetan people, of all your activities on the international stage and especially during your visits. The written and spoken wise words have a great power. Your books, statements, letters, public lectures and talks unite people and nations to the non-violent race for destiny-changes of Tibetans, for brotherly love and compassion, for jointly responsibility. It is very important in our epoch when the global warming is growing but when there is shortage of warm-heartedness sometimes …

It is very important to be like-minded, united, to pat each other on the back. It’s especially important for the small nations like Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Tibetan… Three Baltic folks have suffered through 50 years of occupation and know very well what means the withstanding the giant superiority and what means the survival and the continuing existence of a nation.

During the meeting of prime ministers in Stockholm a few days ago, in honour of the independence - renewal of 3 Baltic States, the Swedish premier Mr. Fredrick Reinfelt apologised that Sweden have disclaimed the suffering of Baltic nations tens of years and that there was not a word about the Baltic occupation in the Swedish schoolbooks of history. (It is necessary to remark that Sweden as one of the first recognized the independence of Baltic States). The premier sad also for each politician very notable words: “The politics without morality is not tenacious category”.

You have always offered prayers for the happiness and well-being of all sentient beings. At the end I would like to recall once more citation – Your words, dear Holiness, that I comprehend as a motto for each humanist:

“As long as the Universe exists,
As long as the life continues,
In this world I desire to be still standing -
For the vanishing of the suffering-darkness.”

Kamēr vien Visums pastāv,
Kamēr vien dzīvība ilgst,
Vēlos šai pasaulē palikt -
Lai ciešanu tumsa gaist.